Intend & It Shall Become



Yoga Village

Horse Ranch

 Organic Farm Community



 Yoga Village






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Horse Ranch 





Organic Farm





                                   Where Yogic Spirit Births...

                                                         Into Bliss

"Health Is Wealth, Peace of Mind Is Happiness, Yoga Shows The Way"

Swami Vishnu Devananda





                                        Where Horses Roam Freely




Ahhh, Bareback Stretching


                           Where Fresh Organic Goods Grow





 Fresh Herbs



 Raw/Vegan/Vegetarian Meals


 Florida Flora




Organic Farm Community Life












Mi Casa Es Su Casa





We're Happy to Serve You


Let Go & Feel Your Spirit Soar



Martial Arts



Hoola Hooping


Outdoor Yoga



Horsing Around








We eat only the bestest foods









We Have Innovative Spa Services


 Far Infared Sauna







  Massage Therapies




Reiki & Other Healing Modalities





 Astrological/Spiritual Readings 






We Charter Sails





 Our Workshops Presenters & Guests

David Wolfe




Linda Sheer

  Rev. Michael Beckwith



Gurudev Shri Amritji (Yogi Amrit Desai)




Dr. Gabriel Cousens




Yogi Hari


 Deborah Fae Sorenson




Deepak Chopra



 Wavy Gravy


bring your magic-put yourself here




We Jog





We Cycle 


Indoor Too!




We Jump For Raw JOY






We Kayak



Full Moon Tours & Meditations



Manatee Kayak Tours





All Faiths Welcomed 











We Walk



We  Beach

Beach Sand Sculpture

Great For Shelling

We Witness Some Of The Best Sunrises

and Sunsets



We Rest



and Contemplate The bIGGER Things




We Meditate






We Care


We Assist Community & School Gardens


We Support and Promote Sustainability 




Jeep Patriot PHEV

Type: Extended Range Electric Vehicle
Top Speed: 100+ mph
Range:40 mi All-Electric; 400 mi Gas/Electric


Join Us

Plant a Tree




Help Us Help Them


Right now we're in Lee County Florida, home to some of the most magnificent people, islands, beaches, rivers, canals, creeks, ponds, trees, flowers, fresh air, wildlife, local foods, weather and so much more,


Fort Myers Beach




Sanibel and Captiva Islands From Above



Sanibel Lighthouse


Downtown Fort Myers, River District







 That's Our Joya Village 

A True Work Of Art

In Progress


 Grow With Us,

Your Generous Donations Make

All These Rawsome Things Happen! 




Thanks So Much!

Mucho Love & Hugs To You & Yours,






Music Credit 

Paco Fernandez-"Mani"