Intend & It Shall Become

Marine PhytoPlankton

 My personal experience with Marine Phytoplankton began watching these videos below. It was truly a Higher Guidance that lead me to these videos when i was seeking something else.  Something I can't even remember what it was now.

 I was so inspired by the claims, that I ordered a bottle and WOW!  It Is All That!  When I first ingested Marine Phytoplankton, my body said to me(and I'm very into my body's cues) something like 'this is the best thing you have ever given me and don't stop!'

 I feel lots of extra energy, but a pure natural uplifting, not a stimulant type-rush of energy and no 'lack of energy' crash later.  I have to remind myself to eat for even a drop is so filing and long lasting.  Try it, you may like.  If you are taste sensitive try a few drops in a glass of water. 

Enjoy The Video.





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